Planning for the Financial Future of Cherokee County

Cherokee County NC

District MapCherokee County is a $37 million corporation, and our county needs to be run in the same efficient manner as any business enterprise of that size. We have a CEO, Randy Wiggins, an Assistant CEO, Maria Hass, a CFO, Candy Anderson, a legal department, Scott Lindsay, and a security director, Sheriff Derrick Palmer. We also have various departments like Education, DSS, Health, EMS, Taxation, etc. that require and receive county funding to perform their duties.

The County Commission functions as the Board of Directors and, in December, I was elected Chairman of the Board.

The county administration is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the county with guidance and approval by the County Commission within the limits of state and county law.

When I became Chair of the Cherokee County Commission in December, I announced that I intended, with input from many sources and with the consent of the Board, to produce a Cherokee County Plan for the county’s future needs.

As Chairman of the county’s Board of Directors, I believe it is my responsibility to propose a plan of action based on the resources, income, debts, and the current and future needs of the county. Doing so is, plainly, good business practice and is part of the obligation and job description of any competent leader in such an executive position.

The Cherokee County Plan must be the work product of Cherokee County citizens and taxpayers, based on their input, discussed and formulated at a public commission work session, and approved by their elected representatives, the Board of Commissioners.

In order for any meeting to be productive and efficient, an agenda is necessary. The County Plan work session will have an agenda prepared by me as Chairman of the County Commission.

To formulate the agenda for the work session, I have begun to collect data and other information from a variety of local stakeholders, including fellow commissioners, members of the county administration, business leaders in the community, and county residents and taxpayers. Work sessions are public meetings, and the agenda will be published in advance to encourage public attendance and constructive input at the work session from interested parties.

At our next regular commission meeting, we will set a date for the County Plan work session. In advance of the work session, the meeting agenda and related information will be available for review and comment on my website

I encourage interested individuals to visit and sign up. Once you register on the website, you will be able to comment on and make suggestions for the Cherokee County Plan before the public work session. Every comment will be read and all recommendations will be reviewed and considered. Please remember that every dollar in the coffers of county government comes from hard-working, taxpaying citizens, so each project and initiative will be scrutinized based on community need, community impact, affordability, cost effectiveness, and whether projects fall within the legal responsibility of county government.

Cherokee County must have a plan for the future of our own design, not one imposed on us by outsiders. The quality, scope, and success of that plan will be directly related to the cooperative efforts of local citizens, businesses, county administration, and our county’s elected officials.