March 21, 2016 Commission Meeting Highlights


Note: This summary is not meant to include every item discussed and/or voted on at the commission meeting. Meeting agendas, supporting documents, and complete minutes (once approved) of all commission meetings can be found on the county website.

Public Forum

  • A petition was read by Pat Martin concerning the Cherokee County Health Department. See post for my comments on this issue.
  • Don Reynolds, chairman of the Cherokee County Fair Committee, presented options for this year’s Fair. The proposed budget would rely on gross income from gate receipts, donations, and sponsorships to be the same as last year and cost reductions from site improvements already in place and changes in programming. The budget projects that the Fair will run at a profit, i.e., no county funds will be needed. Changes include midway rides, midway games, and lower entry prices. The Fair will be held Friday October 21 (School Day), Saturday October 22 (main Fair day with concert in the evening), and Sunday October 23 (County Church). We have formed “Friends of the Cherokee County Fair, Inc.” a 501c3 corporation, for donations and sponsorships to fund the fair. The Commission approved the proposal.
  • The Cherokee County Saddle Club proposed site improvements to its arena at the county fairgrounds. The Commission approved several projects, a warm up area and improvement in lighting, for which the Saddle Club has outside funding. Other projects will be evaluated with an on site inspection.
  • Rick Lanier of the U.S. Motto Action Committee asked the Commission to approve putting “In God We Trust” over the courthouse door. The letters are funded by contributions. The Commission approved this action.
  • The Cherokee County School system will be requesting approximately $1.3 million in funding from the county this coming year. This represents an increase in almost half a million dollars over last year’s county appropriation which was a $400,000 increase over the previous year but still left the school system with a $360,000 shortfall. Ms. Jeana Conley, Superintendent of Schools, requested that the Commission approve a referendum on the June ballot to raise sales taxes by ¼ cent to help fund schools. The county finance officer estimated that this sales tax would generate at least $500,000 and possibly as much as $700,000 dollars for schools in our county. A sales tax increase of ¼ cent is the equivalent of 5 cents on a $20 purchase. The Commission approved putting this referendum on the June ballot for the county citizens to decide.