February 2017 Community Pride Anti-Litter Event

North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition

On Saturday, February 18, 2017, The “North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition” is encouraging local and national participation in litter recovery events on the third Saturday of February, May, August and November. We are encouraging Cherokee, Clay and Graham County plus all of North Carolina to be part of this effort and are hoping that our neighbors living in Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky will join us. By working together, we can restore the true beauty to “America the Beautiful”.

The North Carolina Litter –Free Coalition encourages all “At your own risk” ADOT Adopt-A-Highway groups, solo groups and individuals to join the “Road Warriors” in recovering as much highway and community litter as possible to improve the image and economy of North Carolina and our country. We are promoting pride in self, community and country.

If you are a “At your own risk” Adopt-A-Highway group, solo group or individual, please share your contact information, meeting place and meeting times with your local newspapers, radio and television stations so that those wanting to help pick up litter may contact you directly.

Can you imagine hundreds of people picking up litter on the same day? For maximum exposure, don’t pile the bags of litter up but leave them spaced at least three feet apart so that those that see them, realize the litter issues we face are serious and the effort of your group or individual effort are making a difference. In Cherokee County North Carolina, call the NCDOT at (828) 837-2742, Clay County (828) 389-8532 and Graham County (828) 479-3520 to have your highway litter event bags picked up …. Personal trash will not be picked up by the NCDOT.

“America the Beautiful” depends upon all of us, it isn’t for spectators.

Please contact the North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition if we may assist you in any manner.

Gary Chamberlain-Freelance Writer
Cherokee County-Murphy, NC resident
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