North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition and Road Warriors – Unite

North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition

Part One

 North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition and Road Warriors – Unite

The “North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition and Road Warriors” is jointly promoting community wide anti-litter events, consisting of parents, schools, youth groups, businesses, civic organizations, churches, residents, and community leaders that wish to work together to improve the image and economy of all North Carolina communities. We invite other states to join our effort.

We offer our experiences to all DOT Adopt-A-Highway managers and DOT Adopt-A-Highway groups that honor their commitment to the taxpayer funded Adopt-A-Highway program. “Strength-in-numbers, messaging and commitment will yield the desired results. “There are no shortcuts to success.”

Mission & Motivation Statement:

By picking up highway and community litter, we wish to unite all political parties, religious organizations and ethnic groups by restoring the true beauty to “America the Beautiful”. It’s time for those in leadership positions to unite us and not divide us. If our county is to survive, we must remember that no civilization has survived the test of time due to the decay of moral and social issues.

God must be our mission leader, for he alone can truly guide and unite us. God is the only reason our nation has been blessed through the years. Our country is in trouble at many levels and on this we should all be able to agree! Picking up litter together will unite us! Without proper role models and leaders, “We are doomed!

“In God we trust”, the time to prove it is now, not tomorrow!

Ronald Reagan (Republican), January 20, 1981 Inaugural Address: “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

John F. Kennedy (Democrat), January 20, 1961 Inaugural Address, “My fellow American’s, ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your country”.

Small Communities can do big things! “Community Pride Starts With each of us” … If we don’t litter our communities, we all benefit!

Being part of the “North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition and Road Warriors” gives us a chance to be part of something “bigger” than ourselves! Our mission will include reaching out to every city, town and state and invite them to join our effort.

The North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition and Road Warriors is a virtual, “Folksville USA”, grassroots effort. We consist of real people, trying to restore the natural beauty to our country and by doing so, unite us as American citizens.

Our mission statement includes encouraging diverse groups of people to put their differences aside. We must learn how to work together in spite of our differences and embrace the term “Pride” in self, community and country!

As the spokesman for this effort, I will not let any individual, group or political party take credit for our efforts but we as a group must be willing to thank any individual, group or political party that recognizes our efforts for then they help us advance our cause.

To our North Carolina communities I would say this, “The success of our combined efforts depends upon your support and participation in this effort. We wish to create litter-free communities that will appeal to current and future residents and businesses.

If we fail in our mission, we will only have ourselves to blame for after all, North Carolina is our community. Will North Carolina lead from the front on this effort and encourage other cities, towns and states to follow our lead or will we continue to be spectators and complainer’s that do nothing?

If you wish to get involved or are already involved in litter recovery efforts and choose to participate in our North Carolina and Road Warrior litter events conducted on the third Saturday of February, May, August and November please contact us. There is something for everyone to do, be part of the solution and not the problem.

Just as our NCDOT Adopt-A-Highway groups clean their sections of highway “At their own risk”, there are many individuals and groups that do so as well (“At their own risk”) and we want to unite all of these groups.

Words plus Actions will yield results.

“America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs” has been recognized nationally just “Google” it and you will see the results of people working together.

Gary Chamberlain-Freelance Writer
Cherokee County-Murphy, NC resident
Facebook “North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition
Facebook “America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs
(928) 202-1186
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Part Two

Our North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition supporters define “America the Beautiful”, will you join them?

Cherokee County NCDOT “At their own risk” Adopt-A-Highway Groups and individuals:

Walmart, Lowes, Murphy Police Department, Doyle & Tara Payne, Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River, Rozelle’s Girls: The Chastains, Martins Creek Community Club-Lori Coy, Diane & Cobby Barfield, Kay Kameron, North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition, The Chamberlain Family and Road Warriors.

“North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition” Supporters:
Mayor Nancy Curtis, Andrews Police Department, VFW Post 7620, The Compound.
Brasstown: None
Marble: Pat & Sue Fredrich.
Murphy: Digital Creations USA, The Learning Center, Mike Gilliam Agency Inc, Waffle King, Mayor-Bill Hughes & Barbara Hughes, Lee & Carol Barbour, Wilson Supply, Inc, Mountain Office Systems, Lewis & Karen Jones, Hughes Electric Paint & Supplies, Inc, Murphy Slackers-Chad Bonawitz, Tim Moon, McNabb Properties, Randy Dockery.
Peachtree: None
Others: Cherokee County Senior Services, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, Dr. Dan Eichenbaum-Cherokee County Commissioner, Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce-Murphy, Brasstown, Andrews, NC, Jim Johnson-Killeen, TX, Hendersonville, NC, Cherokee County Schools, Mike Gilliam Agency, Inc-Hendersonville, NC, Rick’s Rental-Blairsville, GA, Garbo Grabber-Stratford, CT, U-Line-Buford, CT, Unger USA-Bridgeport, CT, Mayor Charles German-Camp Verde, AZ, Mayor Chris Marley-Chino Valley, AZ, Mayor Terry Nolan-Dewey-Humbolt, AZ, Mayor Marlin Kuykendall-City of Prescott, AZ, Arizona House of Representatives-Phoenix, AZ, Columbia Sportswear-Portland, OR, Mal Otterson-Verde Valley Property Owners Association-Cottonwood, AZ, American Legion  “Dispatch” (National), VFW “Checkpoint” (National).

Newspaper Stories:  Cherokee Scout-Murphy NC, Andrews Journal-Andrews NC, Times Courier-Ellijay GA, Asheville Citizen Times-Asheville NC, Smokey Mountain Shopper’s Guide-Blairsville GA, Macon County News & Shopping Guide-Franklin NC, Highlands Newspaper-Highlands NC, The Daily News-Jacksonville NC, News Times-Moorehead City NC, Tidelands News-Swansboro NC, The Mooresville Tribune-Mooresville NC, The Spencer Magnet-Taylorsville KY, The Desert Shamrock, Phoenix AZ, Fort Bliss Bugle-El Paso TX, American Legion “Dispatch”-Indianapolis IN, VFW “CheckPoint”-Kansas City MO, Tribune & Georgian-St. Mary’s GA, Idaho Family Magazine-Coeur d’ Alene ID, – Sedona AZ, Camp Verde Bugle – Camp Verde AZ, Verde Independent – Cottonwood AZ, Prescott Valley Tribune – Prescott Valley AZ, White Mountain Independent-Sho Low AZ, Excentric AZ, Western Outdoor Times-Tempe AZ, Gun Owners of California-Folsom CA, Western Slope CO, Argus Observer-Ontario OR, Northwes Connection-Troutdale OR, Prescott Daily Courier – Prescott AZ, Pop Rocket Press – Prescott AZ, Red Rock News – Sedona AZ, Cottonwood Journal Extra – Cottonwood AZ, Ravalli Republic-Hamilton MT, The Recorder Herald – Salmon ID, The Current – Riggins ID, The Fruita Times – Fruita CO, Sedona Today – Sedona AZ, – Sedona AZ, The Rim County Informant-Payson AZ, Payson Roundup-Payson AZ, Frontier Publishing Co.-Prescott AZ, Four Corners Free Press – Montezuma County CO, The Times Independent – Moab UT, Tigard Times-Tigard OR, Coffee Talk Light News-Chino Valley AZ, White Mountain Independent-Show Low AZ, El Latino Newspaper-Cottonwood AZ, Mogollon Rim News – Heber AZ, Arizona Pride – AZ, – Sedona AZ, Sedona Times – Sedona AZ, The Cornville Chronicle – Cornville AZ, The Camp Verde Journal – Camp Verde AZ, Arizona Republic-Phoenix AZ, In & Out Magazine – Anthem AZ, Dragoon Newsletter – Westerville OH, The Golden Eagle, Cottonwood Boys & Girls Club Newsletter – Cottonwood AZ, Sun Advocate – Price UT, White Mountain Independent  – Show Low AZ.

Radio Shows: WKRK-Murphy NC, Dr. Terry Lovell Show – KYCA 1490 – Prescott AZ, Don Smith  – The Don Smith Show – Florida, Terriq Q. Sayer – Albuquerque NM, KSRA AM 960 – Salmon ID, Yavapai Broadcasting – Cottonwood AZ.

Television Stories: WLOS News 13-Asheville NC, FOX 9 Meridian-Boise ID, KJCT Channel 8 Fruita CO, Rod Haberer – Fox 10 – Phoenix AZ, David Majure & Ted Simons – Horizon PBS 8, Tonya Mock-AZTV Cable 13 – Prescott AZ, KBOI2 – Boise ID, Alex Monsen & Chris Piner – Strata Networks Vtv Channel 6 – Vernal UT.