North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition “Leap Frog” Event a Success

don't litter

P1080687 (800x800) Modeled after the “America the Beautiful & BagReadJobs” effort started in Cornville, AZ in 2007,  the first North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition “Leap Frog” event was held on August 20, 2016 and it was a huge success thanks to the many employees and family members from the Wal-Mart store in Murphy, NC. A few residents of Murphy-Cherokee County, NC also participated.

P1080688 (800x800) Our participants came from as far away as Sylva, NC and the following people, consisting of young and not so young, were out there picking up someone else’s mess. If every resident and businesses picked up the litter on their own property every day, Murphy and Cherokee County would be a lot more appealing to residents, businesses, tourists and many others that pass through our area.

Participant: Lillian Woody, Melissa Palmer, Lisa Cooper, Landon Cox, Nick Forthman, Tim Moon, Jessica Escobar, Shawn Davis, Lorien Allen, Lynn Parmer, Ben Katz, Karen Chamberlain and Gary Chamberlain.

P1080689 (800x800)  Leap FrogProducts & services provided by: Lowes-Murphy, NC, NCDOT (vests & EZ Reacher Pro Plus litter grabbers), Waffle King-Murphy, NC (gift cards), Home Depot-GA, AZ, OR, CO (Unger-Niffty Nabbers), Unger USA-Bridgeport, CT (Unger-Nifty Nabbers) , Garbo Grabber-Stratford, CT (Garbo Grabber bag rings & litter grabbers), U-Line-Buford (bags), CT, Martins Creek School-Martins Creek, NC (vests), Wilson Supply Inc-Murphy, NC (vests), Cherokee Scout-Murphy, NC (Staff reporter-photographer), Cherokee County GIS-Murphy, NC (maps).

Areas cleaned: Murphy HS football stadium, West US Highway 64 (portions of) , Lakeside St., Hiawassee St., Valley River Ave., Wilson St. and Bulldog Dr.

Though they weren’t counted, there were approximately 35 bags of trash picked up.

Questions and comments: Where is our community pride? If we had pride in our community, there wouldn’t be this much trash to pick up.

For anyone wishing to join us, our next event is scheduled for November 19, 2016.

Gary Chamberlain-Freelance Writer
Cherokee County, NC Resident
Chu Lai Vietnam veteran 1967
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