2016 Hiawassee Lake “Big Sweep”

don't litter

When, Where, Who:

Big SweepSaturday, September 24, 2016, 8:00am-12:00noon, Hanging Dog Campground pavilion and boat ramp located at 4495 Joe Brown Highway, Murphy, NC. This is a rain or shine event that officially ends at noon. “Volunteer sign-in registration” is required and that will start at 7:30am. This “Volunteer sign-in registration” must be done prior to starting any cleanup effort due to the insurance requirements, NO EXCEPTIONS.

This event will be managed by Eric Bradford of Asheville GreenWorks and supported by former Big Sweep event coordinators and community volunteers. All former event coordinators and volunteers will be managed by Asheville GreenWorks for this event.

Facebook and Media:

The community is encouraged to post our event information on their Facebook pages. The following Facebook pages will be used: Cherokee County Big Sweep and America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs. We will ask the Cherokee County Commissioners to post our event on their Facebook pages as well. We will be contacting all of our local newspapers, radio and television stations and asking for their support in advertising this event.

Everyone is encouraged to take photographs and send stories to the event manager, event volunteers and media in an effort to document our combined efforts to cleanup Hiawassee Lake.

Mission Statement:

Parents: This is a great opportunity for you to teach your children about community service in the purest form by “Doing something for their community and asking the recipients of their good deeds to do something for their community as well”. We need the parents and youth of our communities to step up. Our youth are our future, we need to empower them!

There are too few people, doing too much, for too many, doing nothing. Let’s make Cherokee County the best it can be! Everyone must do their part and that means EVERYONE. There is something everyone can contribute to their community.

Small communities can more easily do “BIG” things.

Whether boats are provided or not, the goal is to collect all of the lake shore litter we can and bring it to the Hanging Dog Campground. Safety first!

Insurance issues:

To comply with the insurance requirements of Asheville GreenWorks, every participant is required to register/sign-in before the 8am start time and registration will start at 7:30am on September 24, 2016.

The Asheville GreenWorks organization will be managing our participant/registration sign-in. Each participant will be required to sign a “Hold Harmless” Waiver provided by Asheville GreenWorks and there are no exceptions to this requirement since their insurance carrier requires it.

Safety and Cleanup Guidelines:

Asheville GreenWorks will be conducting the safety briefing that is required for insurance purposes and they will also be covering the general guidelines for the cleanup.

No one that has been drinking or is impaired or presents a safety hazard will be allowed to participate. No alcohol or horse play will be tolerated! SAFETY, Safety, safety, please.


Prepare to get muddy and wear clothing and appropriate footwear. You may want to bring spare clothing to change into after the event.

Who is invited:

Everyone is invited, however, no one under the age of 18 will be able to participate without a parent or guardian in attendance. Proof of age will be required when necessary.

Participants are to provide:

Please bring your own food, water, clothing, gloves, boots, sun screen and hat. Also bring a change of clothing for after the event if you choose.

Event Supplies Provided:

Litter bags provided by NCDOT and TVA.

Items not provided:

“Common sense”

Law Enforcement/Emergency Services/Fire Department:

In case of an emergency, dial 911


Wal-Mart, Lowes and Ingles.

Boats and Water Safety:

No matter how “pretty or ugly” your boat is, you are welcome to participate as long as your boat is safe and safe boating practices are employed including having life vests.

Trash Bag removal from event staging area:

Provided by Cherokee County Landfill.


Big Sweep Event Manager:

Eric Bradford-Event Manager
Asheville GreenWorks
(828) 232-7144 (work)
(828) 458-6691 (cell)

Big Sweep Volunteer:

Gary Chamberlain
Media Contact and Volunteer Liaison
to Asheville GreenWorks
“North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition”
America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs
(928) 202-1186 (AZ cell)

Big Sweep Volunteer:

Sam Davis
Boat and Waterway Volunteer Coordinator
(828) 361-2328 (cell)