North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition

don't litter

pick-up-litterWe can do itToday the “North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition” will be formally promoted as an anti-litter effort, consisting of local parents, schools, businesses, churches, residents and community leaders who wish to work together to improve the image and economy of our North Carolina communities. We connect our “Boots on the Ground” effort by working with any and all DOT Adopt-A-Highway groups wanting help.

Mission & Motivation Statement:

We must include God in our mission, for He alone can guide and unite us. Our country is in trouble at many levels and on this we should all be able to agree! Picking up litter together will unite us!

John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1961 Inaugural Address, “My fellow American’s, ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your country.

Small Communities can do big things! ”Community Pride Starts With each of us”. . . If we don’t litter our communities, we all benefit!

Being part of the “North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition” gives us a chance to be part of something “bigger” than ourselves! Our mission will include reaching out to every city, town and state and invite them to join our effort.

The “North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition” is a virtual, “Folksville USA,” grassroots effort consisting of real people, trying to restore the natural beauty to our area using the litter recovery efforts as a means to assemble people of every race, religion and political affiliation to accomplish this goal.

Point ManOur mission statement includes encouraging our diverse group of people to put their differences aside and achieve a common goal that includes pride in self, family, community and country. WE must learn how to work together in spite of our differences and embrace the term “Pride” in country and community!

As the temporary leader and creator of this effort, I will not let any individual, group or political party take credit for our efforts, but we as a group must be willing to thank any individual, group or political party that recognizes our efforts for then they help us advance our efforts.

To our Cherokee County communities I would say this, “The success of our efforts depends upon your support and participation in the effort to create a litter-free community that will appeal to our current residents and those that might consider living in or bringing a business to Cherokee County. If we fail in our mission, we will only have ourselves to blame, for after all Cherokee County is our community.

Will Cherokee County lead from the front on this effort and encourage other cities, towns and states to follow our lead or will we continue to be spectators and do nothing?

If you wish to get involved please contact me, there is something for everyone to do.

Gary Chamberlain-Freelance Writer
Cherokee County, NC Resident
Chu Lai Vietnam veteran 1967
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