County Financial Plan

Cherokee County NC

In preparation for the Work Session for the proposed Cherokee County Plan, it is important that our citizens have a better understanding of the purpose of the plan and the process by which the commission will proceed.

The Cherokee County Plan that the commission will complete is best described as a financial plan so that the county will be able to meet its current and future operating expenses and obligations.  Hereafter, I will refer to it as the Cherokee County Financial Plan.

The Cherokee County Financial Plan will consist of a simple, practical financial formula to address the immediate and short term future financial needs of the county.  As I said in my initial statement at the last commission meeting, this is simply good business practice and, in the case of our county, long overdue.

After dealing with the county budget for the past two years and evaluating our county’s profit and loss figures, it has become apparent to me that this commission needs to reassess our budgetary priorities so that we can better satisfy our true current necessities and allocate funds for future requirements, all while living within our very limited county income.

Because the Cherokee County Financial Plan is primarily a financial plan, it will not change in any way the philosophy of our county.  For the majority of our fellow citizens, that means that the commission will take no actions that would change our “live and let live” way of life or our firm belief that private property rights are sacred and are the basis of our individual freedom.

Tonight, we will set a date for what will actually be a “listening” session, namely, an opportunity for citizens to voice their opinions about what they think spending priorities for the county should be.  The commissioners will listen, without discussion or debate, to the ideas and concerns of the people who wish to speak.

The meeting will have a defined agenda, published in advance, and comments will be taken about those subjects in an orderly fashion.

The date for the Work Session is Thursday, March 23 at 6:30pm. We will be in the same room we use for commission meetings, the Multi-Purpose Room 342 of the Cherokee County Courthouse, located at 75 Peachtree Street, Murphy, NC.

Several additional comments on related subjects are necessary.

I have committed personally to holding Town Hall meetings at community centers in our county.  These meetings are not official commission meetings, and I am undertaking this action as a single commissioner.  My intent is to provide a forum during which residents can discuss with me issues that are important to their local community.

I have asked county citizens and taxpayers to contact me by email through the form on my website HERE, because it is the most efficient way for you to contact me and receive answers in a timely fashion.  Because this outreach is from me personally as an individual commissioner, it is not appropriate for there to be a link to my website on the county website.

I look forward to meeting seeing you on March 23.